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Heartland High School is open to students who exhibit a strong commitment to recovery with at least 30 days sober. At Heartland, we meet students and families where they are in their addiction recovery journey. We develop an individualized and customized education plan for each student. Students should be in grades 9-12 and under the age of 22. 

Enrollment Process Steps

  1. Parent/guardian completes and submit initial interest form

  2. Parent/guardian schedules a meeting with the Head of School
    (email Alicia Berkemer, Admissions & Business Manager,

Registration forms

  1. Enrollment packet

  2. Emergency contact information

  3. Student agreement

  4. Parent/Guardian agreement

  5. Permission to release educational records

Requested documents

  1. Transcript or academic record (if applicable)

  2. Test Scores (if applicable)

  3. Special education records (if applicable)

  4. Immunization records

*Students and parents\guardians are required to inform the office if there is a change of mailing address, telephone phone number or email address. A student’s demographic information must be kept current at all times.

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