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Give a Scholarship and Change a Student's Life Trajectory

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Every parent imagines a life for their child filled with friendship, fond memories, and success. They would do anything to ensure their child has the best chance of meeting their potential, both inside and outside of the classroom. Heartland High School's parents are no different.

Unfortunately, we are seeing a rise in overdose deaths among teens and young adults in Central Ohio, which threatens the dreams many Heartland families have for their children.

According to the February 11, 2021 report by the Franklin County Coroner’s office, 40 teens and young adults lost their lives due to overdoses between January and September 2020.

That’s 40 young lives whose parents and families will never see them meet their full potential. This reality also reinforces the need for Heartland High School!

Heartland High School offers a recovery-based education for students with a substance use disorder. Our unique curriculum is a student focused educational model with intensive wrap-around services to help students and families succeed. But this comes at a cost that can be a barrier to many students and families.

Annual tuition for a Heartland student is $20,000 . . . But we will never stop working to make a Heartland education possible for all students in need; which is why we created the Heartland Scholarship Fund.

By giving to the Heartland Scholarship Fund you can make sure a recovery-centered education is available to all Central Ohio teens and young adults in need.

Give today so more parents and families can see their child live out their full potential. Donate today!

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