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Andy Finch, PhD

Vanderbilt University 

"If you talk to kids in recovery, they will tell you the first time they felt truly accepted for who they are and not necessarily singled out for having a substance use disorder is when they arrived at a recovery school. They're surrounded by a bunch of kids who feel similar to them and they feel like they can understand them and they can be themselves."

A parent

"I wish more than anything Heartland existed when my daughter was in high school. She might be with us today if she'd  had  the chance to learn in an environment with sober peers. And she certainly never thought it possible that there were teachers who actually cared or even understood what she was going though during these years. I'm so grateful that Heartland is going to be able to serve teens who have the rest of their lives ahead of them."

A recovery high

school counselor

"Every year we have students who tell us that if it was not for our school, they know they likely would not have graduated, and some would go as far as to say that our school saved their life."

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