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The value of a high school education for an adolescent or young person with a substance use disorder cannot be overstated. Because each student's journey to recovery is different, every student's educational journey with Heartland is also different. Along with student-focused curriculum, we provide intensive wrap-around services to help students and families succeed . . .but this comes at a cost many students and families cannot afford.

Annual tuition for a Heartland student is $20,000; and because we are the only recovery high school in Ohio, we want to make this one-of-kind recovery-centered education available to every student and family who needs it.


As a private high school, Heartland High School is reliant on tuition and fundraising to attract and retain the best staff and teachers, provide extracurricular activities, administer frequent drug screenings for all students, furnish students with classroom materials, and provide students with a recovery-centered education that creates a sense of belonging, self-confidence, and purpose.


Please consider giving to the Heartland Scholarship Fund today to help make a recovery-centered education available to all students and families in need.

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